1. The role of the control arm of the car

The main role of the automotive control arm is to support the body and the shock absorber, and to play a role in cushioning the vibration in the drive of the shock absorber, which can play a good auxiliary role to the lower suspension.

The lower control arm of the car is an important part of the chassis suspension system, which connects the body with the car flexibly. During the driving of the car, the axle and the frame are connected flexibly through the lower control arm, which slows down the impact generated by the road during the driving of the car, thus ensuring the comfort of the car when driving.

2. How often to change the control arm of the car

Generally speaking, as long as the car is used normally, the car swing arm will not be damaged. If the year of the vehicle is relatively old, it can be replaced once in about 80,000 kilometers to prevent the normal use of the car because of aging.

The swing arm is also called the lower suspension, which is used to support the body and can filter the car's bumps to make the car more comfortable for the driver and passengers. If the vehicle is running in the direction of deflection, body shaking and other phenomena, it means that the car's swing arm is damaged. In this case, you should promptly take the vehicle to the repair store or 4s store to ask the professionals to check and repair it to prevent hidden safety hazards. When it comes to maintaining the swing arm, it's crucial to source high-quality replacement parts from reliable car suspension suppliers to ensure optimal performance and safety. Regular inspections and replacements of damaged swing arms can help prevent costly repairs and improve the overall comfort and driving experience of the vehicle.

3. Matters needing attention about the car control arm

1. In our daily use of the car, we should check the control arm of the car on time, if the control arm is rusted must be timely to the repair shop for rust removal treatment, to prevent its normal work.

2. The car must be slowed down when passing through the complex road, to prevent the chassis from being knocked and thus damage the control arm of the car.

3. If the year of the vehicle is relatively old, you can replace the control arm once when the car is about 80,000 km, to prevent it from affecting the normal use of the car because of the aging of the control arm.

4. After the replacement of the control arm to do four-wheel positioning of the vehicle to prevent the vehicle runaway.

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