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Different Types of SAFE Control Arms & Car Suspension Parts For Sale

How do SAFE Control Arms & Automotive Suspension Parts Work?

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    Each control arm is connected to the frame through 1-3 bushings to provide cushioning for the movement of the control arm during the vehicle driving.

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    Suspension system is an important part of the modern automobile, which has a great influence on ride comfort and handling stability.

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    The Automotive control arm as the steering and force transmission components of car suspension system will act on the wheel of various forces to the body, and ensure that the wheel is according to a certain track movement.

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    The control arm of the car connects the wheel and the body of the car together by ball hinge or bushing, respectively. The vehicle control arm (including bushings and ball heads connected to it) shall have sufficient stiffness, strength and service life.

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SAFE Control Arms & Automotive Suspension Parts Material

  • Steel Control Arm

    Steel Control Arm

    Steel control arm, steel is widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry. Steel control arm has the advantages of mass production in a short time so as to ensure the price is widely used by automobile manufacturers.

  • Aluminum Control Arm

    Aluminum Control Arm

    Aluminium control arm, aluminium has the characteristics of strong rigidity and light weight, which has been used in automobile bodies and control arms by many automobile manufacturers in the past 20 years. Light weight can bring a good driving experience.

  • Cast Iron Control Arms

    Cast Iron Control Arms

    Cast-iron control arms, cast-iron control arms are rarely used in cars due to their heavyweight but are generally used in large cars because they require more reinforced control arms.

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