As a supplier of custom control arms for chevy, we provide a wide selection of robust control arms for popular Chevrolet models including the Equinox, Camaro, and Trailblazer.

Types Of Chevrolet Control Arm

How do Chevrolet Control Arm Work?

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    Each control arm chevrolet is connected to the vehicle frame with two control arm bushings. These bushings allow the control arms to move up and down.

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    The opposite end of the control arm is attached to a steel spindle. The spindle is what the front wheel is bolted to. On non-strut equipped vehicles, the spindle is attached to both the upper and lower control arms with a ball joint. The ball joint is a steel ball enclosed in a steel socket that allows the spindle and front wheel to rotate left and right and allow the wheels to move up and down following the roads surface.

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    Sandwiched between the control arm and vehicle frame, positioned in a spring socket, is a heavy steel coil spring that supports the weight of your vehicle and provides a cushion against bumps.


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