At Safe auto, we have been manufacturing control arms for 15 years. Our products are sold in more than 50 countries around the world. At present, we have more than 20 Honda control arm bushings to choose from, such as the Honda lower control arm bushing or Honda front compliance bushings.

Types of Honda Control Arm Bushing

Features of Honda Control Arm Bushing

  • 1

    More economical rubber sleeve, such as the civic control arm bushing.

  • 2

    Higher pure natural rubber content, with the increase of natural rubber, the service life of rubber sleeve will be greatly increased.

  • 3

    Better glue to keep rubber and other metal adhesion higher, to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

  • 4

    A good rubber sleeve can bring good driving experience and filter out more tire jitter when the vehicle passes on the uneven road surface.


Honda Control Arm Bushing Review

Honda Control Arm Bushing Review

Honda Control Arm Bushing Review
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