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    Pre-sale Service

    There will be professional sales contacts with you, patiently analyze your product needs, contact each model, and quickly reply to each inquiry of customers, and analyze the current market situation and cooperation details with customers.

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    SAFE Auto Parts Manufacturer's Pre-sale Service
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    In Production

    In the process of production, according to each customer's requirements, for each point will take pictures to the customer confirmed start mass production, we have the flexible packaging such as we can provide the carton packing can also provide the cases, the relatively large number of customers we can provide free packing bag design to promote your brand.

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    SAFE Auto Parts Manufacture
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    After Service

    We have strong after-sales service. When customers have questions about certain models, we will immediately ask our technical personnel to contact customers and communicate with them about product details. We will confirm the problems through drawings, production batch list and various testing equipment, and protect customers from losses through effective communication with customers.

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    SAFE Auto Parts Manufacturer's After Service