What is an automotive ball joint?

Automotive ball joint realizes power transmission to different shafts by ball-type coupling, provides multilateral rotation, and can make steering mechanism turn flat to achieve vibration reduction and turn flat. Automotive ball joint is a kind of auto parts, also called universal joint, which is a mechanical structure that uses ball to transfer power to different shafts. The coupling is an important part of the car, combined with the drive shaft, called coupling transmission.

Composition of automotive ball joint

A common type of car suspension arm ball joint, mainly consists of ball pin (Ball Stud), housing (Housing), ball seat (Ball Race), end cover (End Cup), sealing sleeve (Sealing Boot), grease (Grease), etc. Among them, the most stringent mechanical performance requirements of the ball head pin, generally use 40Cr and other high-quality steel. The shell is generally made of steel or aluminum alloy. The ball seat uses wear-resistant materials such as POM, PA + 30% GF or PEEK and other polymer materials. Seal sleeve generally uses natural rubber.

The importance of automotive ball joint

To ensure safety when driving, it's crucial to source high-quality automotive ball joints from reliable car suspension suppliers, as worn out or damaged ball joints can significantly affect the handling and stability of the vehicle. Regular inspections of automotive ball joints can help identify any issues early on and prevent costly repairs or replacements in the future. If the car ball head is out of order, you will feel the car shaking from side to side when driving, but it is hard to control if the car shakes from side to side. Deviating from the driving route causes traffic accidents and may also threaten the safety of life and property. If the car ball head is broken, you will feel the shaking of the wheels when driving, which will affect the driving experience of the car owner, and in serious cases, traffic accidents will occur. The phenomenon appears significantly when driving at low speeds.