The ball joint will play an important role in the car

The most important role is to connect the hanger to the balance bar, thus transmitting the force of the car's suspension and balance bar. The left and right wheels pass through the same path. If its action is not uniform, the car will keep the car stable in the opposite direction, which is also the case to prevent resistance and inhibit the car from rolling.

The way the ball head acts

The car suspension arm ball joint of the rod suspension and the balance bar mainly plays the role of transmitting the force between the car suspension and the balance bar. In front-drive vehicles, two equal-speed universal joints are used for each half-axle. The universal joints near the variable speed drive axle are the inner universal joint of the half-shaft and the outer universal joint near the half-shaft. In rear-drive vehicles, the engine, clutch and transmission are mounted as one unit on the frame, and the drive axle is connected to the frame by a flexible suspension. There is a distance between them that needs to be connected.

The form of universal joint drive in rear-wheel drive cars uses double universal joints, i.e. there is a universal joint at each end of the drive shaft, which is used to make the angle between the two ends of the drive shaft equal to ensure that the instantaneous angular velocities of the output and input shafts are always equal. The car is driven on crazy roads equipped with shock absorbers. This is the up and down direction, i.e. the longitudinal damping effect. There is also a side effect where the inertia from the front tires and uneven road surfaces will cause the lower suspension arm to vibrate. To address and eliminate this vibration that affects driving performance, a stabilizer bar device is used to eliminate it.

To ensure your vehicle's suspension system is functioning properly, it's important to source reliable automotive control arm components and other related parts from reputable car suspension suppliers who can provide quality products that can withstand wear and tear caused by rough roads and other driving conditions. Regular maintenance and inspections of the suspension system can also help prevent the need for costly repairs or replacements in the future.

What to do if the ball joint is damaged

Damage to the ball joints depends mainly on the wear of the ball joints. Generally, some degree of ball head wear can be felt while turning. If there is a problem with the ball head, the steering will basically fail, or there will be a feeling of difficulty in steering. This can first be solved by adding oil or replacing parts. If it is more serious later, it needs to be repaired and rebuilt.