According to Japanese media reports, the fraud affected a number of Japanese car companies, including Toyota and Nissan. Toyota is the company's largest shareholder, holding more than 11%, according to the company's official website. Yesterday, the reporter contacted dawning brake Japan headquarters. The person in charge responded that the parts involved affected 10 Japanese car companies, but the specific name of the company could not be disclosed. However, he also said that after re inspection, these car companies think that there is no problem with the product performance, so dawning brake and related car companies have no plans to recall at present. In response to the question of whether it involves the Chinese market, the person in charge said that whether the parts involved have been exported to overseas markets after they have been assembled into a car can not be confirmed for the time being.

Japan's Auto Parts Giant Exposes Large Scale Counterfeiting

Japan's Auto Parts Giant Exposes Large Scale Counterfeiting Like An Earthquake

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